Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

An image depicting a dog outdoors, eating grass from the ground. The dog is shown with its head raised, focused on chewing the clump of grass in its mouth.

During summertime, it’s common to find our furry companions indulging in the tempting grass around them. But have you ever wondered why? The truth is, experts aren’t entirely sure. However, it’s a typical behavior for dogs and usually nothing to worry about. This article explores two main reasons for dogs eating grass: grazing and instinctive behavior. Discover the potential causes, safety considerations, and when to consult a veterinarian. Ensure your furry friend’s well-being while they enjoy their grassy snacks.

1. Grazing:

Grazing is the most common reason your pup will eat grass. They can eat quite a bit of grass and have no issues! Sometimes your pup will eat when they are anxious or bored. (Just like us!) Some veterinarians suggest that they will graze on grass because of a nutritional deficiency, but it really depends on the dog’s unique situation. Dogs that have perfectly balanced diets still eat grass! It’s possible that they just love the taste! And that they would just prefer a salad before their entree.

2. Instinctive Behavior:

Instinctive behavior is the second most common reason for eating grass. It can be a deliberate attempt to induce vomiting after they have swallowed something that is making them feel sick. If we have an upset stomach, we automatically go for beverages or over the counter medicines to fix the problem. In dog world, the solution is grass! If your dog is eating grass to make themselves vomit, they will swallow the grass as quickly as possible without chewing it. The long pieces of grass tickle their throats to induce vomiting.

3. Safety Considerations:

In normal circumstances, yes! But you still need to keep in mind that many people treat their lawns with chemicals to eliminate weeds, encourage growth, and eliminate insects. Pesticides and fertilizers are very poisonous if ingested. They can cause severe illness or even death. Be sure that if your pup is eating grass, you know it’s history! If you are treating your own lawn, select the pet safe products that are available.

4. Preventing the Grass Eating Habit:

It is possible that you can eliminate your pups desire to eat grass by changing their food. If a nutritional deficiency is behind their grass eating habit, slowly changing their food or adding in fresh foods to their existing meal plan could gradually change their behavior. The same goes if your pet is regularly eating grass because their stomachs are upset and they are trying to induce vomiting. It is definitely worth a try! Just be sure to do your research and select foods that have quality ingredients and are safe for your pets.

5. Veterinary Consultation:

Occasional grass consumption followed by one or two instances of vomiting, with normal behavior otherwise, is usually harmless and indicates the grass has served its purpose. If your dog repeatedly eats grass and vomits several times in one day, it’s a cause for concern.  If the grass eating behavior develops suddenly or you have any concerns, it’s advisable to consult a veterinarian for professional advice.


While dogs eating grass is generally nothing to worry about, it’s essential to understand the reasons behind this behavior and ensure your pet’s safety. Consider potential nutritional deficiencies, avoid chemically treated lawns, and consult a veterinarian if you have any concerns. As long as there are no red flags, we wish happy grazing to your furry companions!

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