Home Security Checks

home security checks, Brighton MI

Are you traveling for an extended period of time? Or during a time of extreme weather conditions? Do you want to spend less of your precious vacation time worrying about your home and plant babies? Do you want to avoid bugging your neighbors, friends and family? Our Home Security Checks are just what you need! 

We will visit your home up to once per day while you are traveling.  We will ensure that your home is secure, your equipment is functioning, and your plants are well cared for. And if something needs immediate attention, you can set up an appointment with the necessary repair companies and we will wait while the service is completed.


Here at Four Seasons for Paws, we know that your need for home security checks is during all four seasons, so we provide our special security checks from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day except for major holidays.  We work as a team to ensure availability. 

every Home Security Check Includes

  • Thorough inspection for any signs of leaks, damage, equipment malfunction, and attempted break-ins.
  • Collection and management of papers, mail, leaflets, door hangers, and packages to maintain a clutter-free appearance.
  • Regular watering of both indoor and outdoor plants to ensure their well-being. 
  • Responsible handling of trash and recycle bins, including bringing them in and taking them out on designated days. 
  • Rotation of blinds, curtains, and lights to create the illusion of an occupied home and deter potential intruders.
  • Timely communication through an emailed journal, providing updates and accompanied by pictures to keep homeowners informed about the status of their property.

Advantages of Home Security Checks

  • Your home will be monitored for any potential problems.
  • Mail, packages, and leaflets will be picked up to ensure your home appears to be occupied.
  • Plants will be maintained and cared for.
  • You have someone to rely on to be there if your home is in need of repair.
  • Relieves worry during your vacation or travel.


At Four Seasons for Paws, we believe in keeping things simple and transparent when it comes to pricing.  Our pricing is based solely on the time spent at your home, allowing us to provide personalized and attentive care for everything you need while you are away. We offer flexible options with 30, 45, and 60 minute visits, so you can choose the perfect duration that suits your needs and your schedule.

Transparent Pricing For Home Security Checks

30 Minute Home Security Check


45 Minute Home Security Check


60 Minute Home Security Check


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