Meet The Team

At Four Seasons For Paws, we pride ourselves on our top-notch team of Pet Care Specialists. Our hiring process is rigorous, with each and every team member undergoing a thorough interview process and background check. Once on board, our Pet Care Specialists receive extensive training and certifications in pet sitting, pet first aid, and CPR. They also get hands-on experience with our seasoned staff to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to provide consistent, loving, and exceptional care for your pets and your home. We are confident in our team's ability to go above and beyond to provide the highest level of care for your beloved pets. Meet our extraordinary team of Pet Care Specialists and Trainers and discover all of the experience, love, and care they have to offer!
Brandy Emmert, Founder and CEO Four Seasons For Paws


I am the owner of Four Seasons For Paws.  It has been my life long dream to work with animals!  When I was young, I always said I would be a veterinarian when I grew up.   I collected Pound Puppies (little stuffed animals) by the dozens.  They all had names and I took them everywhere I went.  I could never simply walk by an animal of any kind.  I had to pet them.  I wanted to be their friend!  Even though I never became a veterinarian, I have learned so much about caring for all kinds of animals!  I have taken dog training courses and I am certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.  It is my absolute passion to take the best care of every animal that crosses my path and to provide complete peace of mind for the people who love them the most.  I truly can't wait to meet you and your pets!

Melissa Miklos, Pet Care Specialist Four Seasons For Paws


I have a genuine love for all animals and devote the majority of my time to caring for them. I am a certified professional dog walker. When I am not  walking dogs or pet sitting, I can be found rehabilitating orphaned, injured, or sick wildlife as a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator for the Howell Nature Center. I have two dogs, two cats, six chickens and always some young squirrels or bunnies at home to keep me on my toes. I am also a stained glass artist. My work (Mt Juno Glass - named after my dog), can be found at the Detroit Artists Market, Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester and Etsy. Some of my favorite pastimes include: hiking, camping, gardening, taking pictures, and traveling. I can't wait to meet you and your pets!

Mandy Beaudoin, CPDT-ka certified trainer and Pet Care Specialist, Four Seasons For Paws


Hello fellow pet lovers! I’m Mandy and I am thrilled to give your furry friends all the love and care they deserve. I have a long history of animal care that goes far beyond just puppers and kitties. There isn’t a critter on this earth I don’t adore. Providing care to these guys is a passion of mine. As an active person with senior dogs I’m always excited to get out and run my energy off with a canine companion. You can guarantee regardless of your pet, their personality or energy level they will be loved! A great amount of my experience is through training, I am a CPDT-ka certified trainer. Kindness is in my DNA. I strongly believe in gentle learning; the process should be fun for everyone involved! With that, I can’t wait to meet your fluffy, scaly or feathered family!

Darlene Stewart, Pet Care Specialist, Four Seasons For Paws


Hello! My name is Darlene and after a 30-year career in health care, I decided to pursue my passion for caring for animals and became a Certified Professional Pet Sitter. Animals large and small have always been a big part of my life. Over the years, I have volunteered at various animal rescue organizations in the community and have experience caring for everything from pet rats to horses. I have two dearly-loved dogs of my own and understand how important it is for a client to know their beloved pet is in the best of care while they are away.

Elizabeth Gaynor, Pet Care Specialist, Four Seasons For Paws


I'm Elizabeth, I've always enjoyed being around animals and taking the time to get to know them. I've grown up with cats most of my life and from having them I've grown to love taking care of animals. The moment I realized I would love to petsit and housesit was when my friend's family left for vacation and they asked if I could stay at their house and take care of their pug. I had offered to petsit for them all the time because it made me so happy and excited to help others with their pets and get to be around animals!

Jes Lovell, Pet Care Specialist, Four Seasons For Paws


 Hello, my name is Jes. Its a pleasure to inform you that animals and plants have been my life long  niche. I have always had at least one cat or dog in my home, sometimes both. I tend to make new furry friends wherever I am. Having 30+ years in pet ownership has provided a lot of hands on experience and a keen eye. I am also certified in pet CPR and first aid to help assure your trust and confidence in my service. I have 20+ yrs in greenhouse and agricultural. Your plant pets are safe in my hands as well. I am looking forward to Spending time with your precious family members and giving them all the love and fun they could need while you're away!

Audrey Hundt, Pet Care Specialist, Four Seasons For Paws


I've lived in Howell my entire life and went to Howell high school. I've always had cats growing up which is why I have such a soft spot for them. After high school I took some classes at Lansing community college. I have always thought about becoming a veterinarian because of my love for animals.  Caring for pets will be very different from my previous job, but I sure am excited to get to work with them! They are so much fun to be around and I absolutely adore each and every one of their unique personalities!

Colleen Edson, Pet Care Specialist, Four Seasons For Paws


I'm excited to be working for Four Seasons for Paws. My work background is providing customer service in a healthcare environment. After retiring I decided it was time to do something fun and what could be more fun then working with animals that give you unconditional love.  This is the first time in 40 years that there hasn't been either a dog or cat in my home.  To fill that void I'm looking forward to loving on your fur babies!

Molly Canfield, Pet Care Specialist, Four Seasons For Paws


I've been around all types of animals my entire life. I completed Veterinary Assistant classes 1999 at Garden City High School. I currently have two small dogs home.  I absolutely love my furry friends! There's no better way to get exercise than to be out walking a dog, and no better way to enjoy indoor time than with a kitty on your lap!

Cecilia Anderson, Pet Care Specialist, Four Seasons For Paws


Growing up, I always knew I wanted to work with animals. I took any chance I could to be around them, and they have always been my biggest passion. I love to grow my understanding of them and see the individuality and personalities of every one of them. After graduating high school, I briefly attended Northern Michigan University pursuing a degree in biology. However, I ended up returning back home to pursue dog training. Over a year later, I have loved every minute of it. I care about every single dog I work with, whether I'm training them or just taking them for a walk, and I am determined to be the absolute best I can for them!

Emily Crane holding a Chihuahua, Pet Care Specialist, Brighton MI


Animals have shared a special place in my heart as long as I can remember! Growing up, we always had animals in the house including dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and even a rat! I dreamed of being a veterinarian one day and living on a farm. Life had other things in store like my husband and four children but I have instilled in them the same love and respect for animals that I have. I’ve worked with animals through rescues and daycares most of my adult life. We have four dogs and a rat and my daughter leases a horse. I love taking care of my human and fur family. They bring me so much joy! Every animal in my care is cared for with the same love and respect that I show my own family!

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