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Our Home Care and Pet Care Services

At Four Seasons for Paws, we understand that your pets are not just pets, but cherished members of your family! That’s why we are dedicated to providing exceptional pet care services tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of your beloved companions. Our professional dog walking, dog training, and pet sitting services are designed to bring out the best in your animal companions, ensuring their happiness, well-being, and overall quality of life. And in doing so, we provide pet parents with the freedom and flexibility to live their lives to the fullest, knowing that their pets are receiving the best care possible.

A very happy German Shorthaired Pointer taking a walk with a dog walker on a beautiful day.

Busy schedule? Tire out your pup! Our custom walks and visits provide the socialization and exercise dogs and puppies crave. Enjoy a happy, relaxed pup ready to cuddle when you return home.

A gray cat eating a squeeze treat given by a Four Seasons For Paws Pet Care Specialist.

Peace of mind guaranteed! Our dedicated team caters to every pet's needs, ensuring they receive above and beyond love and care while you're away. We even offer bedtime stories!

Four Seasons For Paws Dog trainer, Mandy, training a black dog to lie down and stay.

Unlock good behavior! We use positive reinforcement to address common issues like leash pulling, barking, chewing, and more. Build a strong bond and make training fun for both of you.

House that will benefit from Home Security Check Services from Four Seasons For Paws

Travel with confidence! Our team provides thorough security checks inside and outside your home, at your chosen frequency, while you're away. Relax and enjoy your trip!

Why Choose Us?

Custom Visits

We diligently record your pet's needs, as well as those of your plants and home, to customize every visit to your expectations. We provide expert care for your pets, plants, mail, trash bins, and homes, to create a stress free experience for you and your pets.

Easy scheduling

Login to your account, click on my schedule, +request, enter your dates, the services and times you need, then click submit. Done! Because we work as a team, we have guaranteed availability. You will receive an email confirmation of your approved visits.

Always in Touch

After each visit, your Pet Care Specialist will send you a detailed journal complete with pictures and visit notes. You will always know how your pets and home are doing! And if you would like to respond to your Specialist, you can add a comment to your journal.

Simple Pricing

With the exception of additional fees on holidays, last minute service requests and cancelations, we charge for the amount of time we spend at your home. No additional pet fees, no medication fees, no plant watering fees, and no weekend fees!

Get Started In 4 Easy Steps!

contact us

Send us a message, an email, or give us a call! We make sure that we are just the right fit for you and your animal companions. If we aren't, we will recommend another reputable pet care service or training company who matches your needs and expectations!

Create Account

We will provide you with instructions to set up your online account. You will use this account to keep your care instructions current, request services, view your schedule and journals, communicate with us, view invoices, and make payments.

Meet Us

A manager or certified trainer will come to your home and meet you and your pets. We ensure that all of your instructions, needs, and expectations are clear to us. We will also answer any questions about our pet care services, our software and our policies.

Services Begin

You are now part of the Four Seasons For Paws Family! Send in service requests for walks and pet visits as needed and enjoy stress-free time away from home! Or work side by side with your certified trainer to achieve your desired results. It's that easy!

Are you ready to check
"find pet care Services" off of your to do list FOR GOOD?

Once you become part of our family, you won’t have to worry whether or not we will be available to care for your pets. We work as a team, so you can rest assured that we are available! And that your scheduled pet care visits are guaranteed. If, for any reason, we are not available for a requested service your next service is on us!
Grey cat and Pet Care Services Specialist, Darlene, touching noses.

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