5 Reasons I am Grateful to Own a Pet Business

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My name is Brandy Emmert. I am the owner of Four Seasons For Paws in Brighton, MI. For the last seven years, I have had the privilege of growing a pet care business from the ground up! It has been a crazy, curvy, beautiful road. I am proud each and every day to be at the helm of a team who provides outstanding pet care services to our wonderful clients.
I have many reasons to love owning a pet care business! But five of the reasons truly stand out to me.

1. I found my true calling- providing peace of mind

I have the opportunity to give this gift to our clients and their beloved animal companions every day. To allow our clients to focus on work or to be fully immersed in the fun of their vacation is a beautiful feeling. I believe that everyone has a right to completely relax. And not worrying about their best friends is a great start!

2. I love pet people

I have personally met over 200 families and their pets. And I have to say- Pet people are always genuinely interesting! They are quirky, friendly, caring, passionate, and just all around awesome! I love meeting new people every year that I can automatically put in “my favorite people” category.

3. I love being surrounded by animals

Animals are naturally drawn to me and I am truly grateful for their company. Since I can remember, I have always been absolutely fascinated by animals of all kinds. And I always wanted to save and care for every animal that I could. And, of course, I wanted to pet them! Haha- even the ones who didn’t necessarily want the attention. I learned very quickly which ones needed their space! But I still love them all.

4. I get to hire people like me

Our team is currently made up of nine amazing women. As our client base grows, I have the opportunity to seek out like-minded individuals and give them the chance to spend their days giving exceptional love and care to the animal companions in our community! They are also automatically put in “my favorite people” category.

5. I make someone smile each and every day

he Four Seasons For Paws team sends a journal with every pet care visits. A journal doesn’t just consist of relevant details… It has happy and funny little stories about how our animal friends enjoyed their visit! And about how everything is going at home over all. The cute pictures included are also sure to bring out a smile! Then there is social media- We love to share all of our animal friends and describe their personalities!  We share their stories, funny memes, and great pet care tips. Smiles only on our social media pages!


To own and operate a pet business is challenging! But it is an amazing experience. I’m grateful to be a part of so many wonderful lives! I wouldn’t trade it for anything. ❤️

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Brandy Emmert

Hi! I'm the proud owner of Four Seasons For Paws, a renowned pet care company that provides dog training, dog walking, pet sitting, and home security checks. I am passionate about leading a team of certified, knowledgeable, compassionate pet care specialists and trainers who love pouring their hearts into caring for our animal companions. I love having the opportunity to provide complete peace of mind for so many pet parents in our community! And I love sharing advice and educating pet parents on any and all things that can enhance their lives, and the lives of their pets. ❤️

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