Should I Board My Cat or Find a Pet Sitter?

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Considering the Needs of Your Cat

There are pros and cons to both boarding and in home pet sitting. The individual needs of your cat should be the deciding factor!
Most cats prefer to be in their own environment. Taking your cat away from their home can cause quite a bit of stress for them. Even if the environment you are taking them to is very nice! But some cats do like the social environment of a cattery or boarding facility.

Boarding Options for Cats

 There are four options when it comes to boarding your cat:
Veterinary Clinics: If your pet needs medications or injections, this may be the best option. However, your cat will spend nearly the entire time in a cage and receive little interaction.
Boarding Facility: There are some boarding facilities who have a designated cat area. But most likely, they will be in a cage for the majority of the time. There will also be a lot of dogs very nearby!
Cattery: A cattery is a boarding facility just for cats. They are all unique, but most have individual suites set up for your cat(s). Some even include covered outdoor areas! But they are still near other cats and have less room than they do at home.
In home boarding: There are a few pet sitters out there who take cats into their homes. Each pet sitter will have a different situation. Most already have pets in their homes. But there will definitely be more hands on attention if they feel comfortable there!

In-Home Pet Sitting: The Ideal Solution for Cats

 So what do you do if you know your cat would absolutely hate being taken away from home when you travel? You search for a local pet sitter who provides in home care visits. A pet sitter will stop by every day to interact with your cat, provide fresh food and water, and filter the litter box. Many pet sitters can also administer medication! As an added bonus, the pet sitter will check on your home, bring in mail and packages, water plants, and adjust lighting as needed. Most pet sitting companies will provide up to four visits per day!

Choosing a Reputable Pet Sitter or Pet Sitting Company

However, you definitely need to go with a reputable pet sitter or pet sitting company. Do your research! Are they bonded and insured? How much experience do they have? Are they certified in pet first aid and CPR? How do their reviews look? You are going to trust this person or company with your loved ones and your home. Be sure you feel great about your choice!

Making the Best Choice for Your Cat's Well-Being

You know your cat better than anyone! No matter what you choose, find comfort in knowing that you considered every option and chose the best one for them. Happy traveling!

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