New Services for 2023

An image featuring a cozy and secure overnight pet care setup. The image showcases three dogs sprawled out on the couch. It represents the introduction of new overnight pet care services for 2023, emphasizing the commitment to ensuring the well-being and security of dogs while their owners are away.
Happy 2023!
We are excited to announce that we have two additional services to add this year! We know you are beyond tired of asking your friends, family, and neighbors to help you out. And we know that you deserve the freedom and flexibility to travel with the confidence and peace of mind that your pets and home are happy and well cared for! So we have been working on adding some additional pet and home care solutions for you.

1. Overnight Pet Care:

For the first several years of Four Seasons For Paws Overnight care was a frequently used, top service! Everyone who wanted their pets to enjoy sleeping in their own beds and carrying on with their normal routine were all about this service! But when Four Seasons For Paws began to grow and add additional team members, the service needed to be retired. Financially, it didn’t make sense for our clients and legally it didn’t make sense for our employees.
But guess what? OVERNIGHTS ARE BACK BABY! With careful planning and a little extra paperwork for us, we made this premium service available to our clients once more! Your furbabies will have the luxury of carrying out their normal night and morning routines with a loving pet care professional present from 9pm to 7am. You will have the option to add up to three additional day time visits as well! We will provide all the necessary care and fun so your pets can enjoy their staycation while you are on your vacation! Do you want more details? Click here!

2. Home Security Checks:

We have also seen an increase in folks who travel with their pets. Because if you can take them with you, why wouldn’t you!? It’s always a fun time to travel with your best friend! However, you always leave your house behind. And if you are traveling for more than one week or during a time of extreme weather conditions, you may spend precious vacation time worrying about your home!
“My package arrived early! Ugh, I forgot to put my trash out! Why didn’t my mail stop? Did the storm do damage to my home? My ring doorbell picked up something unusual. Did my freezer come back on after the power outage?”
Does any of the above sound familiar? Well you can finally rest easy! We now provide Home Security Checks! We will visit your home up to once per day while you are traveling. We will check your home for leaks, damage, equipment malfunction, and potential break ins. All papers, mail, leaflets, door hangers, and packages will be brought in. Indoor/ outdoor plants will be watered and your trash and recycle bins will be taken out or brought in. We will rotate blinds, curtains, and lights to make your home look as though someone is there. And if something needs immediate attention, you can set up an appointment with the necessary repair companies and we will wait while the service is completed. Do you want more information? Click here!


Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind offered by our new overnight pet care and home security check services for 2023. Leave behind the worries of finding reliable pet care and the safety of your home while you travel. With our dedicated team, your pets can enjoy their routines and your home will be monitored and cared for in your absence. Experience worry-free travel and complete peace of mind with Four Seasons For Paws. Contact us today to get started on your next adventure!

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