How to Find a Snow Removal Solution for Winter Vacations

An image depicting a person shoveling snow from a driveway or pathway during winter. The person is dressed in winter clothing, using a shovel to clear the snow. The image represents the importance of finding a snow removal solution for winter vacations.
If you are like me, you handle all the snow removal duties during winter. The snow thrower and shovels come out of their summer retirement and assist you in keeping a nice, clear path for your loved ones and vehicles. You may even sprinkle a little salt to keep the ice at bay!
But what happens when you can’t be there to deal with your winter snow? What will you do to keep your driveway and sidewalks clear for your pet sitter and your neighbors while you’re gone?

Here are some options for finding a snow removal solution during your winter vacations:

1. Snow Removal Companies:

Most snow removal companies prefer that you sign up for the entire winter. It is extremely unlikely to get a call back, much less a quote, for one to two weeks worth of snow removal. Calling or emailing these companies will most likely be a waste of your time. However, it is possible that a company may provide temporary assistance for you if they already provide regular snow removal services for your neighbors. So if you know that your neighbors have snow removal in place, ask them for the name of their provider! You might just luck out.

2. On-Demand Services:

Consider using on-demand services like Lawn Guru, which offers one-time plowing or auto plow services. You can sign up in advance and keep a credit card on file for easy requesting of as-needed snow removal. Visit for more information and to explore available services.

3. Online Platforms:

The good news is that there are now on-demand type services that you can sign up for! Lawn Guru is definitely growing in popularity. You can sign up for a one time plow or auto plow services! You will need to sign up in advance and keep a credit card on file. But it makes requesting as needed snow removal super easy! You can see all available services and the sign up process at
You can also post your snow removal needs on Taskrabbit or Thumbtack. Though it is not guaranteed to get you results, these websites have the potential to connect you with a local person or professional that will be able to provide temporary assistance.

4. Neighbors and Local Help:

Lastly, it never hurts to ask your neighbors! They may be willing to shovel your snow while they are already out taking care of theirs. They mighg know of a local Handyman that provides snow removal. Or maybe there is a young neighborhood teen looking to make some extra money. You never know unless you ask!


Finding a snow removal solution for your winter vacations is essential to keep your property accessible and safe. Explore options such as on-demand services, online platforms, and seeking help from neighbors or local professionals. By planning ahead and utilizing these resources, you can enjoy a worry-free winter season, knowing that your snow removal needs are taken care of. Stay safe and have a joyful winter!

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