How to Stop Your Dog From Barking When They Are Home Alone

Dog lying calmly on the floor getting ready to take a nap. No barking.
Barking at home when your dog is alone is a very common issue. And it can definitely be frustrating! Especially when your dog is so well behaved when you are home. But your dog is trying to tell you something! They may just be bored or in need of a good run. Here are some things to try before contacting a trainer or behaviorist.


Get your pup out for some ball chasing, running, or a long walk before you leave. Getting them nice and worn out will encourage rest while you are away. If you will be gone for seven or more hours, you may need a pet sitter or dog walker to stop by to get your pup even more worn out!


Leave the radio or tv on for them! Or if you have a google or amazon device, play some soothing music for them. Classical and meditation playlists are my favorite! Familiar sounds may help to keep them calm.


Who doesn’t love a choice of some entertainment? Leave a kong with frozen peanut butter. Or purchase puzzle games for hiding treats. There are also interactive ways to feed your pet their meals like food balls and puzzle dog dishes. Bones for chewing and licki mats are also great options. Your dog is unique and may not be amused by some things. But it’s all worth a try if your dog is happy and relaxed at home!


Help guide your dog to be calm by training them when you are at home! Leave the dog for a few seconds, come back into the house, and reward him for quiet, calm behavior. Add a few seconds at a time. Be sure to ONLY reward a calm dog. If you reward your dog when they are excited, anxious, and jumping, the unwanted behavior will continue. Although this process does work, it requires a lot of patience. If you try to add too much time at once, it will not be effective. So take it nice and slow, a little bit at a time.
There are so many ways to help your dogs feel calm and confident when they are home alone! Give these things a try to see what works for your dog. And if you find that these solutions aren’t working for you, reach out to a local trainer or behaviorist. They will be more than happy to assist you in creating a solid plan for a calm, happy dog!

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