Rain or Shine: Fun and Creative Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

Dog wiggling around on the floor with a toy in his mouth.
Let’s face it, the weather is rarely perfect. And sometimes our lives don’t line up with the ideal times to walk your dog during the day. But your dog still needs to get some exercise in every single day! Here are a few ways to get that accomplished.

Run your dog up and down the stairs

This is a great indoor activity for both you and your pup! You can run with them or have them fetch a toy. This will wear them out and work your calves if you are running with them. This activity is not recommended for dogs with joint and health issues.

Hide and seek with treats

Hide treats all over the house and teach your dog to find them! This will keep them moving and alert. It’s great for mind and body!

Get a doggy treadmill

Yes, they are real! Treadmills require training to get started but once the training has taken place, your pooch can run for miles every day in the comfort of their own homes!

Create obstacle courses

Use whatever you have lying around to create a fun course for your dog to go through. Set up couch cushions and pillows to hop over. Set up chairs with a blanket over top and you have an instant tunnel. You can even have them jump through a hula hoop! Be creative with your home! Set up one obstacle at a time and teach them how to navigate it. Soon they will be running through your course like a champion! This is both mentally and physically stimulating.

Take your pup for a ride

Take your dog to your nearest pet or home improvement store! The car ride will be exciting and they can get a good walk in while exploring new places. This is a great activity rain or shine!
There are many ways to keep your pet healthy and active! Be sure to try several activities with your dogs to find out what their favorite ones are. That way you will always be prepared to give them the exercise they need, rain or shine!

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