The Best Places to Hide a House Key

An image showing various types of key lock boxes used for hiding and securing house keys.

Having a hidden key outside your home is not only a requirement for many pet and house sitting companies, but also a convenient benefit for homeowners. In this blog post, we will explore the best places to hide a house key, ensuring it is both secure and easily accessible in case of emergencies or service needs.

Choosing the Right Hiding Spot

Selecting a suitable location for hiding your key is crucial. It should be out of sight but not too difficult to find for those who need access. Avoid common hiding places such as under the doormat, pots, furniture, or statues near your front door, as these are easily accessible to unwanted individuals. Opt for more secure options to ensure the safety of your key.

Lock Boxes for Secure Key Storage

Lock boxes are a reliable way to keep your key safe and secure. The most common type is the one that hangs on your front door knob, with options available to adapt them to lever handles. These lock boxes typically have a combination code for access, and there are even Bluetooth accessible versions. Wall-mounted lock boxes are another great option, allowing you to mount them anywhere on your house, such as underneath the garage door keypad.

Small Lock Boxes and Magnetic Options

For added versatility, consider small padlock-type lock boxes or magnetic ones. These can be attached to various areas, such as the inside of your grill, outside of a door frame, or around your meters. Keep in mind that magnetic lock boxes can be easily taken, so ensure they are placed in less visible areas where they cannot be easily monitored by onlookers.

Hidden Key Options

If you prefer a more discreet hiding spot, hide-a-keys offer a wide range of options. These can be shaped like rocks, wall-mounted thermometers, black magnets, sprinkler heads, garden statues, or even dog poop. They can be placed anywhere on your property, providing a hidden yet accessible location for your key.

Creative Key Hiding Places

Consider unique hiding places for your key, such as between siding in a designated spot, between a double potted plant, under a pot in the backyard, in a deck bin, in a waterproof bag under the back porch, in or under a birdhouse, under the caps of your deck railing, or even in a solar landscaping light. However, keep in mind that keys buried in the ground may be difficult to locate after snowfall or if landscaping has shifted.


By exploring the various options and considerations mentioned above, you can find the perfect place to hide your house key, ensuring both security and accessibility. Choose a hiding spot that suits your home’s details and remains hidden from unwanted individuals. With these insights, you can keep your home secure while having peace of mind that you can access it when needed!

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