Meet the Team



I am the owner of Four Seasons For Paws.  It has been my life long dream to work with animals!  When I was young, I always said I would be a veterinarian when I grew up.   I collected Pound Puppies (little stuffed animals) by the dozens.  They all had names and I took them everywhere I went.  I could never simply walk by an animal of any kind.  I had to pet them.  I wanted to be their friend!  Even though I never became a veterinarian, I have learned so much about caring for all kinds of animals!  I have taken dog training courses and I am certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.  It is my absolute passion to take the best care of every animal that crosses my path and to provide complete peace of mind for the people who love them the most.  I truly can't wait to meet you and your pets!



I have a genuine love for all animals and devote the majority of my time to caring for them. I am a certified professional dog walker. When I am not  walking dogs or pet sitting, I can be found rehabilitating orphaned, injured, or sick wildlife as a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator for the Howell Nature Center. I have two dogs, two cats, six chickens and always some young squirrels or bunnies at home to keep me on my toes. I am also a stained glass artist. My work (Mt Juno Glass - named after my dog), can be found at the Detroit Artists Market, Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester and Etsy. Some of my favorite pastimes include: hiking, camping, gardening, taking pictures, and traveling.  I can't wait to meet you and your pets!



I've been around all types of animals my entire life. I completed Veterinary Assistant classes 1999 at Garden City High School. I currently have two small dogs home.  I absolutely love my furry friends! There's no better way to get exercise than to be out walking a dog, and no better way to enjoy indoor time than with a kitty on your lap!



I have always had the biggest soft spot for animals.  Growing up, we always had dogs and cats. My family even cared for a raccoon for a time!  It seems that animals in need always cross my path.  There is nothing more heartwarming than returning a lost pet to their owner or to help get an animal to safety.  I have two dogs and a cat.  I know it would devastate me if any of them were to go missing, so I am always looking for dogs and cats who are walking around without their owners.  I have safely returned several dogs to their families. And I just can't help but to stop and help turtles, frogs, and baby skunks cross the road!  I also have a passion for music and strategy games.  I love what I do and I am excited to meet and care for your pets!



 I grew up around animals.  Dogs, rabbits, fish, and even turtles.  I enjoy meeting new four legged friends and, I must say, I haven't met a stranger yet!  In my golden years I am enjoying my two dogs and my kitty and the abundance of wildlife that is all around us.  I love being a part of this team because it gives me a chance to do what I most enjoy; spending time with and loving on pets.  There's nothing like doggie kisses and kitty snuggles.  I look forward to providing loving care and attention to your sweet fur-babies!



I'm a nursing school student and lifelong animal lover. My passion for animals started at a young age, I grew up surrounded by dogs, cats, pockets pets, horses, farm animals, etc. I currently own two dogs (Neapolitan Mastiff & Pit Bull), two horses (Quarter Horse & Thoroughbred), and a cat (ASH). I love being a petsitter because it gives me the opportunity to care for and spend time with animals which brings me so much happiness. I look forward to taking care of your pets and you can be sure they will be spoiled and loved as if they were my own!



My name is Larissa, some others call me Elle. I grew up with animals all around me. Dogs, cats, I even showed horses in competitions. Plenty of barn and farm animal work in tow. Currently I have 6 fur babies of my own. A boxer, English Bulldog, 3 rescued barn kitties, and a hedgehog. There's really not a dull moment in the household and it's the best! My passion is animals and I love to give back. I cant wait to meet your fur babies!!



 I had a lot of cats growing up and got our first dog when I was 7. Of course, being a kid, I didn't take care of them much. When my family got two puppies in 2013, after the passing of our dog in 2011, I became a full on pet parent. They listen to my mother and I more than anyone else. I've also had a hand in helping take care of my friend's several cats over the years as well as her snake. I've just always had a nurturing nature when it comes to taking care of pets, even though they aren't my own. Pets are part of the family and sometimes need more care than a baby. I just love being able to help people take care of their furry family members when life makes them unable to do it themselves. Getting paid in furry love and affection is just an added bonus. 



I have a passion for animals and I have grown up working with a variety of different species.  I currently own one dog and two horses.  I compete in eventing with my younger horse  I spend most of my time working with my horses and volunteering at Howell Animal Hospital.  In fall of 2020, I start classes to become a licensed veterinary technician.  I look forward to meeting you and your fur-babies, and providing them with all the love they deserve!