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Do you love to be greeted with a wagging tail? How about with a sweet little meow and a purr? Do you love to be outside in the fresh air? Would you enjoy a flexible schedule between the hours of 8am-6pm? Yes to all? This job is for you!! Four Seasons For Paws is an established and well-loved pet sitting and dog walking company, and we are seeking exceptional dog walkers and pet visitors to add to our great staff. Get paid to play with fur-babies, get exercise, and have fun! We love what we do and we can’t wait to share the experience with you!

Dog Walking/ Pet Sitting Job Description

****Please note: You must have a car and a deep love for animals to apply for this position!  Must also be able to self-manage and must be comfortable walking in inclement weather.  A smart phone is required to access our pet sitting software****

  • Your time will be spent walking dog(s), playing with and giving love to the animals, feeding the animal(s), cleaning up any messes you (or they) have made (counter and spoons cleaned), scooping the litter box daily, mail and paper pickup, and any light watering for indoor/outdoor plants.  We use pet sitting software to check in and out of visits, store information, and to communicate with clients.  We send a journal to our clients with every visit!

  • Occasionally, clients may be home sick or taking a day off at home.  You may see our clients from time to time!  (Bonus!)

  • Even when it is raining or snowing, dogs still need to go out. Dog's do not need to be walked for the full amount of time during inclement weather.  If dogs get dirty on a walk, we hose them off and/or towel dry them before putting them back in house. Clean, dry dogs make for healthy pets and happy owners!

  • Even if you are walking a very friendly dog (and most of them are), remember that some of the dogs you will see on the walk are NOT friendly.  A dogs reaction to other adults and children is also very unpredictable. We keep the dogs we are walking safe and secure by keeping them away from other dogs and people unless specifically instructed by the owners.

  • You will initially start out walking one or two dogs at a time. If you want to walk more, we can work you up to three to five dogs at a time. We do not walk more than five dogs at one time. You will not be required to walk more dogs than you are comfortable with. All dogs must be leashed during the walk. No exceptions.

  • Due to the bonding that occurs between sitter and animal(s), we require at least a six-month commitment to work with our company on an ongoing basis for any position with Four Seasons For Paws. Please let us know if you have any questions about this or are unable to commit to us for the next six months.

The pay schedule is as follows:

 $ 10  per 30 minute cat, dog, or small animal visit/ walk.  

There is also an opportunity to make tips! :)

 **Four Seasons For Paws offers 30-60 minute visits.  You receive additional pay for longer visits, more pets and responsibilities, and major holidays.  


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