Transforming Pet Health: The Impact of Quality Food on Dog Wellness

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The Impact of Low-Quality Ingredients: Unveiling Health Issues

The day I brought my sweet new Chihuhua puppy home, I knew everything there was to know about his breed… They are at risk for having moleras, collapsed tracheas, luxating patella, and hypoglycemia (which can cause seizures among other things). So when he had his first seizure at just one year old, I simply associated it with his breed.

Seeking Answers: Veterinary Visits and Frustration

I took my Tito to the vet immediately. After answering numerous questions about his routine and nutrition and an examination, he was declared healthy. I didn’t know if the seizures would continue, or if it was just this time. As time went on, the seizures became more and more frequent. Six years of his life were full of anxiety and worry for him… what if I’m not there and he has a seizure?
I have two other dogs, a dachshund and a husky/lab mix. My Husky has had minor stomach problems since her second year. The dachshund, my youngest, has never shown any irregular symptoms.

A Startling Discovery: The Role of Dog Food in Health Problems

One day as I was watching TV in my room I heard the most disturbing sound. It was a loud scratching. I looked down to find my beautiful Husky, Canela, convulsing on the floor. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was ten and had never had a seizure until this point. A month later she had another. Her stomach problems were gradually getting worse as well. The vet couldn’t explain it. She was a very healthy dog otherwise.

The Quest for Quality: Finding the Right Food

I had been reading everything in the news about dry dog food causing health issues. My dogs had been fed the same food for their entire lives. I read the labels for everything I eat, so I decided it was time to do the same for my dogs. The beginning of ingredient list on the food I had been feeding them for years is as follows : WHOLE GRAIN CORN • MEAT AND BONE MEAL • CORN GLUTEN MEAL • ANIMAL FAT PRESERVED WITH MIXED-TOCOPHEROLS • SOYBEAN MEAL • POULTRY BY-PRODUCT MEAL. The first ingredient is corn…and the third ingredient…More corn! I knew something wasn’t right. I began to wonder if changing their food would make an impact.

I searched for something with less grains and fillers, I wanted vegetables and protein to be the main ingredients. It was much more expensive, but what happened next makes it worth every penny and more.

The Remarkable Transformation: Seizure-Free and Healthy Pets

I purchased a new brand and saw the most incredible transformation take place in my pets. Before changing the food, Tito was having a seizure nearly every day. After three months of a steady decline in incidents, he has become seizure free! Canela has no more stomach issues and has had no more seizures. It was not a coincidence. The food I had been feeding my dogs for years was causing their health problems.


It comes down to this… Read the labels on your pet food. Make the best-informed decisions you possibly can. Give your pets the highest quality food that you can afford. They are counting on you!

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