How to Keep Your Cat Out of the Christmas Tree

This image shows a well-decorated Christmas tree with a cat staring at the ornaments and lights.

Ensure the safety of your beloved feline friend during the festive season by following these essential tips on keeping cats away from Christmas trees. From choosing the right tree to using cat deterrents, these measures will help you create a secure environment for your cat while still enjoying the holiday spirit!

1. Choose the right tree:

Consider opting for an artificial tree to eliminate the risk of pine needle ingestion, which can cause vomiting and intestinal issues in cats.

2. Protect the tree base:

If using a real tree, prevent your cat from drinking the water containing harmful preservatives by wrapping tinfoil around the base and covering it with a tree skirt. For artificial trees, secure the tree skirt with weights or a folding gate to prevent access.

3. Avoid tinsel:

Tinsel poses a serious danger if ingested by cats. Keep shiny decorations out of reach, or consider using bells as safer alternatives for lower branches.

4. Utilize smell deterrents:

Cats dislike certain smells, such as citrus and vinegar. Place orange peels under the tree skirt or spray apple cider vinegar on pine cones and position them around the tree. Alternatively, use cat repellent sprays available at local pet supplies stores.

5. Secure the tree:

To prevent accidents, secure the tree to a wall or nearby curtain rod using strong fishing line. This will help minimize the risk of the tree falling if your cat decides to explore it.


By following these tips, you can create a cat-friendly environment and ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday season for both you and your feline companion. Keep your cat away from the Christmas tree and enjoy the festivities with peace of mind.

Remember, your cat’s safety is a top priority during this joyful season. Happy holidays!

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