8 Tips For Taking Great Pictures of Your Pets

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At Four Seasons For Paws, we understand the importance of capturing adorable and clear photos of our furry friends. You too can take stunning pictures of your pets with a little patience and practice. In this article, we share eight tips to help you improve your pet photography skills starting today. From using treats and toys to perfecting lighting techniques, follow these guidelines to capture remarkable moments with your beloved pets!

1. Treats and Toys:

You know your pet best. What gets their attention? A squeaky toy? A treat? A feather toy? Whatever gets them to look at you is the best tool to use. Hold the treat or toy just above your phone or camera and it will appear as though your pet is looking at the camera. Works like a charm!

2. Sounds:

If your pet is not food or toy motivated, they will definitely respond to sounds. You may have to experiment a little to find out what gets your pet to focus on you. They may enjoy certain kinds of music, clicking, clapping, huffing noises, high pitched or low pitched sounds or humming, or even banging on a trash can. Once you find out what your pet responds to, make the noise and take the shot!

3. The Assist:

If another person is there with you, ask for some help! This works especially if your pet loves that person. Have them stand behind you and try to get your pet’s attention. That will get them to look in your direction.

4. Lighting:

Natural light is always best! Cloudy days will produce perfect outdoor photos. The golden hour (shortly after sunrise or before sunset) creates a hazy, golden atmosphere for joyful photos. As the photographer, you always want your pet facing the sun. The sun should be behind you. It will help to illuminate your pet! Always avoid direct light! Midday light will create harsh shadows and make your pet squint. If that is the time you are taking photos, look for a shaded area.
If you are indoors, try to let as much natural light in through the windows as possible and turn your lights off. Unnatural light creates unusual color tones and shadows. If turning on a light is your only option, you can always edit the color tone and brightness in a photo editing app.

5. Opportunity:

Always have your camera ready when you are out for walks or interacting with your pet. Just have the app open on your phone or your camera dangling at your side. Because they are always doing the cutest things! But if you are not prepared, you miss the shot by about 10-15 seconds. Super frustrating!

6. Shake it Up:

Get down low, stand above, zoom out, zoom it, take a selfie, tap the focus to blur the background, change the angle, or even take it upside down. Take action shots and still poses. Just have fun with it and do what inspires you!

7. Use Your Surroundings:

What is around that will make a great prop? A pillow? Fuzzy blanket? Favorite toy? Flowering tree? Funny street sign? Whatever it is, try to get your pet next to it! Those pictures always create lasting sweet memories or funny stories.

8. Take a TON of Photos:

On average, I take about 10 photos for each pose or scenario and pick out the best one. So if I sent 5 photos of pets to a client, I have taken about 50 photos! You can also use the burst photo option to save tapping or clicking time. Taking the additional photos will allow you to pick the one that was the overall best of the bunch! It helps eliminate the worry that you have produced a blurry, unsatisfying photo and that you won’t have the opportunity to capture it again.


By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to capturing amazing pictures of your pets. Practice, be patient, and enjoy the process of creating beautiful and memorable images of your furry companions!

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