Brandy and the entire team at Four Seasons for Paws are wonderful to work with. They have a genuine care for pets and it shows! My Goldendoodle loves Marissa!.

                                          -Denise G


This company is amazing and is a huge help to us with our new puppy while we are at work. They provide detailed note about their time with our dogs and take adorable photos. I would highly recommend this company!

                      -Chelsea Polenz


I have a new puppy but work, and my partner was going to be out of town a week., so you puppy parents out there can relate, I needed daytime help! So I read the reviews , and send a message and Brandy responded right away way. She set up the first home visit to see my home and meet the babies around my schedule, and very quickly I was set up with visits . First day, I got a puppy journal with pictures right after the visit so from work I knew the fur babies were having fun, and well cared for!. So Brandy and Cisco are their new best friends! They are always reliable, on time, and they do their best and have accommodated when schedule changes on my end. I can absolutely say, if you need pet help, call them!

                                          -Rhonda Todd


I hired FSFP for puppy care. They came to my home twice per day and walked, fed and cleaned up after my puppy. They are reliable, caring and professional. I would recommend them to a friend!

                                                  -Dianne Pulles


We are still so happy with the care our pets received! We went on a trip in August and they did an amazing job watching over our pets! I have a cat, small animals and a few reptiles and finding someone who is capable to watch them has always been a struggle. I’m glad to know going forward we will have someone dependable to go to. They kept everything extremely clean, cleaner than I expected by far. And the care journals they make are wonderful!! It took so much stress off me to go on and see pictures of our little crew.

                                                    -Mandy Meow


I have used Four Seasons For Paws for well over a year. Brandy is the best and our dog loves her very much! Brandy has been such a blessing to our lives and has provided us with phenomenal referrals for our dog that we love so much! She’s been a godsend and everyone that she has referred us to has been a godsend thanks to Brandy! She really cares about the families of the dogs that she takes care of and goes above and beyond every single time! We couldn’t be happier!


I have used Four Seasons for Paws several times for care of my two cats. I highly recommend both Brandy and Francisco! The website is easy to use for scheduling and messaging. Both are very professional when meeting in person. Security of your home and care of your pets are well addressed. This summer I needed a pet sitter that could come in three times per day due to one cat being on special diet and meds. They were able to accommodate me. Love that they send pics at each visit... makes me smile when I see these while I am gone. You will be very pleased with the service..... I know I am.

                                                -Susan Harper


We are beyond happy with Four Seasons for Paws. They come and play with our pup at lunch time while we are at work. They are very flexible with scheduling and understand when things need to change last minute. We trust our trainer and are comfortable having her in our home. Great service!

                                                                -Lynn Richardson


The lovely folks at Four Seasons For Paws took care of my very shy cat when I was on vacation recently, and he became friends with Marissa more quickly than anyone who's cared for him previously. I'm so thankful to have found a reliable, caring option for him during future travels!

                                                           -Kandace Gallant


We would highly recommend Four Seasons For Paws to watch over your pet. We had a cat that needed care while we were gone for 10 days. She is a very sociable cat and we wanted someone to check on her everyday to cuddle and play with her. Cisco was fantastic!! We received a picture and an update of our little girl everyday. It was comforting to know she was well cared for and we didn’t have to be concerned about her!! We will definitely be using their services again!! 

                                                      -Connie and Jerry Grimes


We've used Four Seasons since our puppy was 7.5 weeks old and had the same sitter every time. He knows our 9 month old pup as well as we do and he is able to adjust his care as required (exercise, food and babying levels).

                                                 -Keek Voss

A terrier mix sitting on the grass, dog walk, Howell, MI

These two are the real deal. Professional, on time and very good with pets. Lou was a rescue and at times timid. Brandy and Francisco warmed right up to Lou and the rest is history. They got my business. Thank you........  

                                                              -Jim Young​​

Boxer and a Bernese Mountain Dog sitting in the grass, dog visit, Brighton, MI

After months of searching for a reputable pet care company, I was fortunate enough to meet Brandy.  Not only has she provided companionship to my dog while I work long hours, but she's also provided peace of mind.  I know my dog is well cared for and loved, even when I'm not around.  Brandy's professionalism and sincere love of animals is very much appreciated and even more recommended!

                                                                      -Krystal Bowman  

A brown and white mixed breed dog siting next to yellow and purple mums, dog visit, Brighton, MI

I cannot describe the peace of mind Brandy has brought to me.  I no longer have to worry about my dog while I'm at work.  She is reliable, flexible, and pleasant - I am beginning to suspect my dog prefers her over me!​

​                                                                               -Mary Bensmiller

Dwarf Lionhead rabbit sitting on the floor in front of some books, pet sitting, Howell, MI

I am so happy that I found Brandy.  All of my anxiety and fears disappeared now that I have her taking care of my pets.  I know that my pets and my home are in excellent hands.  She goes above and beyond my expectations.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a pet sitter.                                                                                                                         -​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Ashley N.

Golden retriever puppy lying down on the floor, puppy care visit, Brighton, MI

Brandy has exceeded our expectations!  We hired her to dog-sit our puppy golden retriever.  What we didn't know was that she was going to help train our puppy and provide advice and tips along the way.  She has always been very accommodating to our different work schedules.  You can tell she truly cares about our puppy and wants to give her the best care whenever she can.  It's reassuring knowing our puppy will always be taken care of.  We would highly recommend her to anyone!

                                                                                                                                                                                     -Steve & Jill Babcock

Five dogs sitting and standing on the floor, looking up at the camera, dog visit, Brighton, MI

I trust Brandy with my fur babies and my home. She communicates with notes and pictures when she is with your dogs. She is compassionate, honest, and reliable. I highly recommend her.

                                                                                    -Jeannie Seitz

Black and brown miniature dachshund with a red sweater on, puppy visit, Brighton, MI

Brandy is truly amazing. She obviously loves what she does, because she is A+++. I am so thankful to have found her, and really hate to share her! She is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The stars were in alignment when we found her!! Truly, the best.

​                                                                                   -Joann Malone

22 year old gray cat, cat sitting, South Lyon, MI

I had Brandy take care of our cat on a few different occasions while we were out of town.  She did a great job, and kept in good communication as well.  She also watched over our house and watered the plants.   Our cat was well cared for and given the love and companionship he needed.  Four Seasons is trustworthy and reliable.  They also have very reasonable pricing. Well worth the price for the reduced worry about our pet and our house!  I would definitely recommend these people.​     

                                                                                   -Doreen H.                                                                                                                                                                                              

One white and one brown terrier mix dog tilting their heads at the camera, dog walk, Brighton, MI

We are so lucky to have found Brandy and Francisco! Very easy to work with, willing to go above and beyond to help you and your pets. And I always love looking for the facebook posts and personal notes to see what kinds of fun they've had.

​​                                                                    -Lisa Steele Kamischke 

Two guinea pigs eating lunch, pet sitting, Brighton, Mi

Four Seasons goes above and beyond to look after your pets. We loved getting daily updates (including photos) while we were away. Our pets seemed content and happy when we came home from vacation.
                                                                                     -Miriam F.

Terrier mix dog standing in the green grass, dog walk, Howell, Mi

Wow! They are amazing!! I love their compassion for animals. It was so nice to find someone to care for my dog and not have to worry how it was going. I never thought that would be possible......until I found them. I am so very grateful. They are so professional, kind, on time and reliable. Not only is it wonderful for me, my dog ADORES them. So happy I found them! 😊

​                                                                                    -Judi Griffiths

Three black and white dogs sitting on the floor, dog walk, South Lyon, MI

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Four Seasons For Paws.  Brandy is extremely dependable and caring.  My neighbors all commented on how great she is with the dogs and she even talks to them while she is walking them!!!  She has even trained all 3 of them to sit and be good and not bark when another dog walks by!!  She did this for the first week  with treats and then afterwards with no treats because she didn't want me to have to worry about grabbing treats on our walk  or being stranded and have them misbehave because I did not have treats on me.  She is also very good with extreme temperatures !  Brandy and her team know all the signs and what to look for in the animals and what to do when the dogs are over-heated  or walking in the frigid sub-zero weather.  My favorite is that she keeps a journal for you of her walks, so when you arrive back home you can read  and see how the animals  did and what they did!  Destin, Holly and Zukey always look forward to seeing Four Seasons For Paws come to visit and take them for their walk!!!  

​                                                                                                                                                                                             -Mary Pittman

Two miniature Schnauzers standing in the grass, dog walk, Howell, MI

Brandy was an amazing dog sitter. She took care of my two dogs exactly as instructed and they absolutely loved her. I appreciated that she kept me posted about their day-to-day activities with emails complete with pictures. I also liked the convenience of making online reservations. I felt very secure leaving my dogs in her very capable hands and highly recommend her service.

​                                                                                                                                                                                              -Jeanne Mantey

English Bulldog sitting on a couch, dog visit, Brighton, Mi

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Brandy and Four Seasons For Paws!  My dogs love her!  For years my dogs (a Brittany and a Bulldog) have spent time at the kennel.  They hated it!  I looked for a pet sitter for awhile and couldn't find just the right one. Then I found Four Seasons and Brandy.  She hit it off with my neurotic and stubborn dogs right away!  It is such a huge relief when I'm out of town to know that my dogs are safe and sound at home with Brandy checking up on them.  Brandy has even won my Bulldog, Lulu over.  Bulldogs can be a little stubborn, but they need a lot of loving and a lap to sit on in a day. Brandy is always more than happy to love on Lulu.  Please consider Four Seasons For Paws as your pet sitter.  You won't be disappointed! 

​                                                                                                                                                                                           -Christy Bederka​​

Tri-color Husky mix dog standing in the grass, dog visit, Brighton, Mi

Brandy came to my rescue after former pet sitters who, due to illness, were no longer able to care for my dog and cat. A last-minute trip posed a potential dilemma but Brandy responded immediately to my call for help and scheduled a meeting at my house the very next day. She arrived promptly at the appointed time and efficiently entered all pertinent info, including the dog and cat's specific and unusual dietary regiment and daily routines, into her laptop. She is energetic, has a positive attitude, and is loving and caring with the pets. I very much appreciate her professionalism; she is dedicated to her clients (both 2 and 4-legged). She supplies updates, is very neat and tidy, and provides wonderful care! 

                                                                                                                                                                                            -Josephine Busch

White Goldendoodle sitting on the lawn with her tongue hanging out, dog walk, Brighton, MI

Finding Brandy has been such a blessing. Brandy genuinely cares for our Gracie and it gives us such great peace of mind when traveling knowing that she can be comfortable and safe at home. Brandy spends a lot of time playing with and caring for Gracie in our absence. It is rare that our expectations are so exceeded. Thank you so much, Brandy!   

                                                                                -​ Darrin Wagner

White Havanese mix dog waring a red sweater while on a winter walk, dog walk, South Lyon, MI

I would highly recommend Brandy to anyone who needs their pets taken care of when you're gone.  Our dog Max has trust issues and trusts Brandy so much that he went to greet her when my husband was walking him one day.  My husband was very surprised Max did that.  Max doesn't usually eat when we are gone, but when Brandy takes care of him, he eats.  He knows somebody he likes is looking after him.  Brandy is very nurturing and loving with pets.  You can tell she loves them.  She comes into your home so your pet can stay home and not be stressed.  I also don't have to worry about Max being cared for, because you know she will.  And on top of all this you don't have to gather up all your pets belongings to bring them somewhere.  It saves us a lot of time and hassle.​
                                                                                                                                                                                           -Joyce Jonkman

Two dogs looking up at the camera, dog visit, Brighton, MI

Brandy does a amazing job with our pups. She is a highly caring and professional business woman. Both attributes are important to her profession. We will never kennel our dogs again. Thnx Brandy!

                                                                          -Julie Barnes-Willey  

Tri color Keeshond standing in the grass, dog walk, Brighton, MI

Love Brandy!  We have 3 cats and 2 dogs and she always takes care of our babies when we are on vacation.  She takes the time to learn their quirks, sends us lots of pics and messages, and has even bathed our Keeshond when she had explosive stools.  A really great pet sitter!!!!

​                                                                                       -Kathy P.

Black lab jumping up and down, dog walk, Brighton, MI

Our dog is a very important member of the family, so his care, comfort and safety is of utmost importance when we have to travel without him.  Brandy is exceptional and our dog loves her.  She is very detail oriented, follows all special instructions, is reliable and truly cares for her clients (and their owners).  We are so grateful to have her and highly recommend.

​                                                                                                                                                                                              -Jennifer Davis