Brandy Emmert

Our Story

For as long as I can remember, I have loved all animals.  I did everything in my power to get within touching distance of any animal... Especially the fluffy ones!  Every creature has always held a special place in my heart.  As a young lady, it was my passion to care for and save as many animals as I could. I remember bringing home all kinds of surprise pets!  (My parents really love me...)  Some became members of the family, and some went to good homes.  I always made sure that I did everything in my power to ensure a great life for all animals who crossed my path.

When I entered the workforce, I had one mission.  It was to be the best I could be at any position that I was granted.  I worked in retail, factories, and restaurants.  I progressed in each industry, but it seemed that something was always missing.  Vacations seemed to be the only time I could experience true happiness.

The vacation that I took in 2014 changed my life forever...  I was getting ready to head out for a two week vacation and all was well!  Except that a few days before I left, my pet care arrangements fell through.  I was in a panic!  Who would look after my babies on such short notice?  Luckily I have an amazing sister and she cared for my pets while I was away.  When I returned from that vacation I remember thinking about going back to work.  And how I wasn't exactly overjoyed to go...  Then it hit me!!  I could do something that would be very much needed and it would be fulfilling...  I could be that trustworthy someone to provide amazing care for pets while their owners were at work or out of town!  One year later, Four Seasons For Paws came into the world.

Before Four Seasons For Paws could become a reality, I knew that there were many things I needed to know.  I immersed myself in books and articles about pet behavior.  I took courses about training dogs and evaluating body language.  And for the safety of all in my care, I became certified in pet First Aid and CPR.  I continue to learn from other pet care professionals in the area.  Getting to know the amazing pet care professionals at veterinarian offices, grooming facilities, rescues, supply stores, and other pet sitting companies has brought me so much joy and knowledge.  We are all working together to give the pets in our community the healthy, happy lives they deserve!

Providing excellent pet care and peace of mind for their people is my new, heart felt mission in life!  I have the opportunity to combine my love for animals and my drive to succeed all in one caring little pet care company!  In the last two years, I have been building a team of like-minded, passionate, and professional pet care providers.  Having a team has enabled me to expand my dream in the community.  Together, our mission is to provide trustworthy, dependable, loving care to our client’s companion animals - in the comfort of their home. We will always strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations and to become their pet’s second best friend! We love what we do!  And we can't wait to meet you and your fur-babies!

~Brandy Emmert